Soothie™ Period Cramp Relief Belt

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😫If you're having a painful period, then😫

Say goodbye to menstrual cramps that give you a sleepless night and enjoy the freedom you deserve with this amazing menstrual wearable heating pad

            😌Discover complete relief from menstrual cramps!

Introducing the Menstrual Cramps Relief Belt - the ultimate solution to menstrual pain. It combines gentle heating with soothing vibrations to relieve cramps, helping you regain comfort and confidence during your period. Discover the ultimate solution to a happier and more relaxed life.


✅Relieves menstrual pain and discomfort

✅ Relieves cramps

✅ Promotes relaxation

✅ Enhances comfort

😌Ultra-thin comfort: can be worn anywhere, anytime

Wear it anywhere, even under your clothes. It's ultra-thin and lightweight, so you won't even notice it's there. Feel ❤️soothing comfort without any worries



✅Multiple vibration modes

✅Multiple heating modes

✅Fully adjustable belt

✅Portable and rechargeable

✅Digital screen for temperature and conditions

The only thing you'll love more about this menstrual heating pad is its versatility It is ideal for use not only during menstruation, But also for other aches and pains throughout the month. Whether you have back pain, muscle pain, or just need a little warmthand comfort. This pillow is always there for you. Reusable and eco-friendly too


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Warranty - JB_AUTO_WORLD


Soothie™ Period Cramp Relief Belt

Dhs. 119.00 Dhs. 179.00 Dhs. 60.00 Off

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