Multifunction Mini Pedal Steppers Machine

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Turning steps into strides – where big results come in a small package!

Super Quiet and Smooth

Experience a quiet and seamless workout with Amicus's hydraulic rod system. The advanced technology provides smooth resistance while minimizing noise, allowing you to focus on your exercise and keep your family or friends focused on their own things. Realize indoor silent fitness without disturbing neighbors.

Adjustable Step Height for Protecting Knee

The pedal height can be adjusted by adjusting the knob. The tighter the knob, the higher the pedal height. You can adjust the height according to your comfort needs during exercise. When stepping, the safest height is to bend the knees no more than the toes. It can avoid knee injury caused by excessive bending during exercise.

Resistance Bands & Floor Mat

The durable resistance bands that enable you to engage your upper body muscles while stepping. This comprehensive workout targets multiple muscle groups for a full-body sculpting effect. The bottom of the stepper adds anti slip and protective silicone, which can enhance the anti slip effect while protecting the floor. 

LED HD Display Screen

The LED screen displays the COUNT, TIME, CAL, SCAN, and REPS/MIN. Help you keep track of every workout data and achieve your fitness goals step by step.

Space-Saving and Compact

The Amicus stepper is 100% pre-assembled, so you can start exercising right away. Its dimension size is 15 * 11.8 * 7 inches, makes it perfect for small spaces, allowing you to incorporate workouts into your daily routine easily. You can even use it as a treadmill under the table, working while stepping.

Full Body Workout

Mini stepper can effectively burn fat, keeping you healthy and energetic. The exercise effect it produces is the same as outdoor sports such as running and swimming, which can make you sweat profusely and burn calories. Suitable for users of various fitness levels. For experienced sports players, it is also possible to combine different sports methods to increase the diversity of sports.

Multifunction Mini Pedal Steppers Machine

Dhs. 275.00

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