Electric Steamer and Defroster

Dhs. 129.00

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About This Item

🥦 Eat Healthier 🥦: Unlock the true potential of fresh vegetables, fish, and meat by steaming them! Steaming is the best way to preserve their nutrients and flavors, ensuring you get the maximum health benefits. Unlike boiling, steaming locks in all the goodness, including essential vitamins and nutrients. 🌿🐟🍖

⏱️ Easy Operation ⏱️: Cooking healthy meals has never been easier! Just fill the base with water, place your desired food in the tray, set the timer, and let it cook. No fuss, no confusion, and you'll achieve maximum results with minimal effort. 🕒🍳

💡 Energy-Saving Technology 💡: With our steamer, you're in control! Set the cooking time according to your needs. Steaming is not only faster than boiling but also more energy-efficient, promoting both health and environmental sustainability. 🌱🌍

⚡ Time-Saver ⚡: Say goodbye to lengthy cooking sessions! Our steamer comes with two stackable containers, providing a generous total capacity of 5 quarts. Now you can cook different types of food simultaneously, saving you precious time in the kitchen! ⌛🍽️

💧 Easy and Quick (Just Add Water) 💧: Enjoy the simplicity of cooking with our powerful 1500-watt steamer! Whether it's your favorite vegetables, seafood, meat, eggs, or dumplings, they'll be fresh, hot, and ready to serve within minutes. Savor delicious and nutritious meals without the wait! 🌟🍲

🛍️ Elevate your cooking experience with our easy-to-use steamer now! Treat yourself to healthier, tastier meals, all at the touch of a button! 🛍️🍴

Electric Steamer and Defroster

Dhs. 129.00

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