LED Hair Growth Brush

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Experience Hair Growth & Fullness with LED Hair Growth Brush!

It Stimulates hair growth & thickness , Regulates scalp oiliness and adds shine ,Promotes scalp health and reduces hair loss ,Boosts deep absorption of oils and serums and Offers therapeutic scalp massages 

red light therapy

Stimulates collagen production in your scalp, leading to your hair growing in thicker/fuller.

Blue Light Therapy

Eliminates bacteria build up on the scalp, reducing dandruff and promoting healthier hair.

Essential Oil Therapy

Our brush atomizes and diffuses hair restoring essential oils evenly deep into your scalp for optimal absorption without the mess!

Massage Therapy

3 mode massage that stimulates blood flow, hair growth, feels amazing, and reduces tension!

Thicker, Fuller, Healthier Hair

Rejuvenate hair growth, and promote thicker, healthier hair. Our 5 in 1 brush uses science backed hair restoring technology to bring out the BEST, healthiest version of your hair.

Stimulate Growth

Stimulate growth in your hair follicles and experience a hair rejuvenation. The ULTIMATE tool to re-store and re-grow your hair from the roots up. See results with just 15 minutes of use per day!

Essential Oils

Essential oils like Argon, Castor, Coconut, Jojoba, and Rosemary are proven to have hair and scalp restoring properties. Regular use can increase hair growth and promote thicker, healthier hair. Our brush diffuses oils deep into the scalp for optimal absorption!


Gleamy acts as a magic hair brush, leaving you with a surge of confidence and an attractive, rejuvenated look.

LED Hair Growth Brush

Dhs. 109.00 Dhs. 150.00 Dhs. 41.00 Off

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