Electric Ballon Inflator

Dhs. 80.00

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About This Item

Ultra-Durable Balloon Pump for Effortless Inflation:

  • Material: Crafted from ultra-durable poly resin plastics.
  • Textured Surface: Textured surface for easy and firm grasping.

Powerful Inflation:

  • Power Output: 600W for quick and efficient inflation.
  • Home Use: Convenient alternative to helium tanks for inflating balloons at home.

Versatile Electric Balloon Pump:

  • Compatibility: Suitable for both latex and decorative balloons.
  • Double Pump Design: Features a double pump for efficient and quick inflation.
  • Two Modes: Choose between manual and automatic modes for flexibility.

Fast and Time-Saving:

  • Inflation Rate: Fast inflation rate for time-saving party preparation.
  • Extra Tools: Comes with additional tools for added convenience.

Cocomelon Party Supplies:

  • Great Addition: Ideal for Cocomelon-themed parties.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Perfect Addition: Great addition to home walls, swing sets, playsets, jungle gyms, rocks, or playground equipment.

Electric Ballon Inflator

Dhs. 80.00

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